• Wox by J.V. Kelly

    Police are baffled when two Canadian grey she-wolves are stolen from a small Dorset zoo. This novel is set in the early 1980s against the background of foxhunting in the New Forest. Hunt saboteur Mike Sanders has a spark of an idea that quickly grows into an obsession. But will the road to good intentions end in disaster?

    Only £1.99 for Kindle at Amazon.co.uk.

  • Time Gentlemen by Craig P. Kelly

    The Adventures of Jack and Joe is a science fiction comedy featuring private detectives Jack and Joe. Time Gentlemen follows the exploits of our heroes as they travel back and forth through time and inadvertently save the human race.

    Only £1.99 for Kindle at Amazon.co.uk.

  • Clocking Out by Craig P. Kelly

    Jack and Joe, Scunchester's third best private detectives, are hired by Scunchester's premier archaeologist Xavier Hunt to use their time machine to get hold of the pick of historical artefacts direct from the source without having to do any of that messy digging. Follow our heroes as they steal, lie and cheat their way through history.

    Only £1.99 for Kindle at Amazon.co.uk.

  • The Time Watch by Craig P. Kelly

    The third novel in the Adventures of Jack and Joe series pits our heroes (in the loosest sense) against the Time Watch, the guardians of time and self-appointed temporal police force.

    Jack and Joe, rogue time travellers, are hunted down and the only thing that can save them is time itself.